Continuous Laryngoscopy during Exercise - test

CLE continuous laryngoscopy during exercise test

The CLE-test was first published in 2006 by:

Professor, MD PhD John-Helge Heimdal

United States Patent ApplicationNo. 11/134551

How do we perform the CLE-test?

First, we apply some anesthetic spray into the nose.

 Secondly, we insert a thin laryngoscope through a mask, via the nose, to get a good view of the larynx. (If you look in to the mouth you will see the tip of the laryngoscope behind the uvula). 

The laryngoscope is then attached to a head rack.

We do a full Cardiopulmonary Exercise test (CPET) together with the CLE test, using a modified Bruce protocol. All patients run until exhaustion or until symptoms do not allow them to continue.

The test usually lasts between 7-12 minutes. 

The youngest patient to perform this test was 5 years old and the oldest 72 years of age.

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