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Induced Laryngeal Obstruction and Asthma

Haukeland sykehus

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About this study


ILO and asthma

Inducible laryngeal obstruction (ILO) is a frequent condition in the population, and so far studies have found a surprisingly high ILO frequency in asthma patients (22% to 47%), indicating that these two conditions coexist more than just by chance. 

Still, the knowledge is scarce regarding the occurrence of ILO in patients with severe asthma, and especially in those who are difficult-to-treat. Therefore, the main research questions we want to answer are:


Is there an association (connection) between ILO and severe asthma?

If yes, both at rest and in activity?


Is ILO more prominent in severe asthmatics with poor response to biologic treatment, compared to those with good response to these new, expensive drugs?


Is ILO more frequent in patients with severe asthma than in patients with mild well-controlled asthma and healthy gender- and age-matched controls?


Are asthma comorbidities (i.e. other diseases that are commonly found in subjects with asthma) more frequent in asthmatic patients with ILO compared to asthmatics without ILO? The common comorbidities in asthma that we will study are depression and anxiety, rhinitis, and obstructive sleep apnea (breathing cessations during sleep).

Participants in the study

We will invite 120 subjects aged 18-70 years, 40 in each of 3 groups with, respectively:

1 )

Severe asthma treated with biological medications

2 )

Mild well-treated asthma

3 )

Healthy age- and gender matched controls

All the participants will be tested for ILO (doing a so-called CLE- test). Questionnaires and lung function tests are also part of the program. Subjects with a high score on the screening questionnaire on sleep apnea will do a sleep test (overnight respiratory polygraphic recording) in their own home. 

The second part of the study is a follow-up of the patients with severe asthma one year after the initial assessment. 

Head of ILO and Asthma:

PhD MD Ass.Prof.

Sverre Lehmann

Sverre Lehmann
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