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Induced Laryngeal Obstruction and
Non-Invasive Ventilation Support


The studies in this work package (WP3) will develop knowledge that will support and modify the current respiratory treatment of adults and children with motor neurone diseases.

About this study

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Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and spinal muscle atrophy (SMA) are two such diseases and cause progressive weakening of all muscles. The respiration is affected when the respiratory muscles are weakened. 

A cough device is used to prevent and treat infections and non-invasive ventilation support (NIV) is used to compensate for the patients' failing ventilation. 

The muscles of the larynx (throat) can also be affected by the disease and become a kind of "bottleneck" to the airways, thereby complicating respiratory treatment.

We intend to understand these mechanisms and find more favorable individual settings for the air to reach the lungs. We will use our well-established method to visualise the larynx by using laryngoscopy during ongoing use of the cough device and NIV. 

Our hypothesis is that laryngoscopy will provide better respiratory treatment for ALS and SMA.

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International multicenter studies

We have established clinical international multicenter studies (Bergen, Oslo and Portugal). Furthermore, we will develop new technology, which through measurement of flow and ultrasound diagnostics will provide a better understanding of the laryngoscopic images. 

The project will increase the understanding of neurological causes to laryngeal dysfunction in patients with ALS and SMA, thereby creating better and knowledge-based strategies with clinical treatment algorithms for the use of NIV and cough devices in this extremely vulnerable group of patients.

From the user perspective:    (In Norwegian)

Vivian Brosvik har diagnosen ALS (amytrofisk lateral sklerose), og skriver en blogg om livet rundt diagnosen kombinert med det å være mor til fire. Hun deltar i Work Package 3.

     Dette er viktige studier for oss med denne sykdommen , faktisk mener jeg det er viktig for alle. For denne sykdommen kan ramme alle , noe jeg og mange andre er et levende bevis på.

Vi holder en oversikt over hennes blogginnlegg knyttet til vår forskning.


Our 3 ongoing studies:


ALS and NIV study

Multi-center study with Bergen and Portugal. 

We are investigating whether adjusting Bi-PAP settings while visualizing the throat can improve NIV treatment in people with ALS.

Informed consent (in Norwegian)

Informert samtykke NIV og ALS studien :


SMA and NIV + cough device study

Multi-center study with Bergen and Oslo. 

We are studying how the throat responds in children and adults with SMA to NIV and cough device treatment.

Can adjusting the settings improve the throat response?

Information (in Norwegian)

Barn under 12 år :

Barn 12 til 16 år :

Voksen over 16 år :

Til foresatte for barn under 16 år :


Comparison of diagnostic ultrasound and laryngoscopy during the NIV and MI-E study

Pilot study with 30 healthy volunteers.

We will create knowledge about the connections between laryngoscopic images and diagnostic laryngeal ultrasound while having an ongoing treatment with NIV and cough device.

Informed consent (in Norwegian)

Informert samtykke skopi og LUS : 

Tiina Andersen

Principal investigators :

PhD PostDoc

Tiina Andersen


PhD MD PostDoc

Maria Vollsæter

Maria Vollsæter
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