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Helse Vest: a regional perspective of HelpILO

Helse Vest

HelpILO will establish a Helse Vest regional treatment network for “difficult-to-treat respiratory problems”. Clinicians and researchers from all hospitals in the region will cooperate to the benefit of patients who do not respond as expected to standard treatment.

 This will lead to regional cooperation in respiratory clinics and research, standardized care of patients, and widespread participation in research relating to “difficult-to-treat” patients. Support to this project plan ensures the commitment from the participating departments.


The patient groups will be those listed under the Work Packages; i.e. patients with the following conditions that are not adequately responding to treatment:

“Difficult-to-treat” exercise-related breathing disorders


Respiratory insufficiency

The network will work much like established networks in paediatric oncology: In principle, “standard patients” will be treated by collectively embraced guidelines, whereas “non-standard” patients will be discussed within the network and a plan for work-up and further follow-up will be agreed.​


The network will work through video-conferences, IT systems developed by Helse Vest IKT and annually meetings, following the already established set-up used by the regional “NIV-group” in Helse Vest, including both pediatric and adult respiratory personnel. 


Diagnostic tools for functional laryngeal assessment is presently available only at Haukeland University Hospital (HUS). This will hopefully change during the project period, with spreading the knowledge the tests will becoming available at least at Stavanger University Hospital (SUS).

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