Organisation architecture

THJOM Bergen ILO group HelpILO


The management group of Bergen ILO group and project HelpILO

Members starting from left in image:

  • Ola Røksund

  • Hege Clemm

  • Thomas Halvorsen

  • Maria Vollsæter

  • John-Helge Heimdal


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Runs the research project HelpILO

Hege Clemm Bergen ILO group

Head of group: Hege Clemm


Members of Bergen ILO group

Hege Havstad Clemm

Associated professor


Research project


Project leader group of HelpILO

Principle investigators:

Group members:

Thomas Halvorsen & Hege Clemm

Ola Røksund

John-Helge Heimdal

Maria Vollsæter

Tiina Andersen

Sverre Lehmann

Secretary / coordinator:

Sigrun Helle

HelpILO contains 3 work packages and a network:

Work Package 1:   EILO RCT

Work Package 2:   ILO and asthma

Work Package 3:   ILO and NIVS

Helse Vest:            A Treatment Network 


Work Package 1: EILO RCT

Exercise Induced Laryngeal Obstruction: Randomized Control Trial

Head: Hege Clemm & John-Helge Heimdal

EILO RTC Exercise Induced Laryngeal Obstruction: Randomized Control Trial

Work Package 2: ILO and Asthma

Induced Laryngeal Obstruction and asthma

Head: Sverre Lehmann

Sverre Lehmann

Work Package 3: ILO and NIVS

Induced Laryngeal Obstruction and 

Non-Invasive Ventilation Support

Head: Tiina Andersen & Maria Vollsæter

Tiina Andersen

A Treatment Network:


A regional treatment network for “difficult-to-treat respiratory problems”